Shynetta Latrice Young Campbell was recognized as an Unsung Hero by the Richmond branch of the The National Association of University Women.

Shynetta Latrice Young Campbell was born Sunday, Sept. 12, 1982 to Alton Young and Linda Mae Thomas in Emporia.

She was raised on The Miles Family Estate where a mindset and the value of upholding a strong work ethic were modeled and expected. Campbell discerns that at a young age  the inception of her purpose and her calling were birthed after witnessing her middle sister Monique experience epileptic seizures.

Campbell was surrounded by Proverbs 31:10 matriarchs. In addition to her mother, Shynetta was greatly influenced by her grandmother, Ella Ruth Miles. Campbell recalls that her foundational equipping experiences included faith-filled matriarchs relentlessly ensuring that their children as well as their home were well protected and managed.  Campbell is blessed to have “bonus parents”, Javon Thomas and Arletha Young. Campbell acknowledges the value of their parenting and support; rearing and raising her during her teenage and young adult years.

Campbell recollects childhood dreams and aspirations of becoming a nurse and joining the Peace Corps. Her high school involvement in JROTC expanded her view of life. This experience provided a new lens; assisting her with envisioning life possibilities outside of her home in Skippers.

Campbell attributes her foundational values of excellence and personal discipline to the leadership and direction of her JROTC instructors, Major Christian and Sergeant Babic.  Throughout her high school years she was honored with numerous leadership awards on the local, state, and national levels.  As a young visionary and a forward thinker, Shynetta’s graduated from the Nursing Assistant program at Greensville County High Technical School during her senior year of high school. Shynetta further advanced her nursing studies at Southside Virginia Community College and Wytheville Community College.

Upon relocating to Richmond, Campbell recognized her need for a spiritual covering. She became a member of the Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries, under the leadership of Bishop Daniel Robertson, Sr. and Co-Pastor Elena Robertson. This supernatural connection has afforded her a path to continuously walk in her calling; locally, nationally and internationally. Campbell assisted in spearheading a health-fair that serviced over 20,000 people in New Orleans. In addition to her local social contributions, for over six years, Campbell has globally impacted over 10,000 people in need of medical care. While serving on the mission field, Campbell has provided medical care to the people of Meru, Kenya, Mombasa, Kenya, and Nairobi. She has worked in medical camps serving people in desperate need of medical as well as dental care. In addition to over 10,000 receiving medical care, most relevant and essential to her calling, Shynetta reports that over 1,500 people were led to the Lord!

After life-changing experiences overseas, Campbell saw her local communities in a different light; thus beginning her local missionary work to reach and impact her own community. As a result of her obedience, she became a Disaster Relief Associate with the American Red Cross. During her partnership with this organization, she traveled to Biloxi, Miss. assisting victims of Hurricane Katrina. For five days her assignment was to serve the most devastated area where the eye of the hurricane hit land. During those five days, Campbell was instrumental with ensuring that over 600 people receive food and necessary items while waiting for FEMA.

 In 2008, Campbell was licensed as Minister of the Gospel.

Today she continues to earnestly pursue what she proclaims to be her assignment:  mirroring God’s heart for humanity!   In collaboration with being a licensed nurse providing geriatric healthcare, Campbell is a Kingdom-focused Mentor and a Humble Servant Leader.

Campbell celebrates in the opportunity to have been a full-time caregiver for two grandparents; simultaneously. This provoked her even deeper into her pursuit of advancing the Kingdom of God.  As a result, The Father’s House Nursing Agency was birthed. Supporting other entrepreneurs to  amplify their message cross-generationally, cross-ethnically and cross social-economically, Campbell strategically partners with numerous non-profit organizations such as Belfield Outreach Ministries, Bless Warriors of RVA, Kingdom Styles, and Feed More. These Kingdom connections permit Minister Shynetta to reach and impact a broader and wider local population.

A strong advocate for the overlooked, she has lobbied at the Virginia State Capitol to gain better laws in  aiding our local underserved population. As a result of Campbell’s obedience to the Holy Spirit and collaboration with partnerships, over 2,000 local homeless and underserved people have been provided food, supplies, and necessary clothing. Over 25 individuals have received support in transitioning from a life of active addiction into a life of recovery, and over ten (10) couples desiring to uphold the sanctity of holy matrimony have been afforded a wedding.

In 2018 alone, Campbell and business partner Minister Latasha Fountain celebrated in the opportunity that God allowed The Father’s House Nursing Agency to provide approximately $267,000 in free home health- care services to the elderly throughout the Richmond area and vicinity.

As a branch of The Father’s House Nursing Agency, Campbell has birthed         “Your Life Matters” (YLM). This nonprofit organization was created to increase community awareness while providing support and resources to persons impacted by depression, mental illness, suicide, and infertility. As a “Grateful Overcomer”, Minister Shynetta has intertwined her personal testimony as a foundational platform of hope, love and God.

This organization provides an emotional “safe haven” for men and women experiencing the stigmas of dishonor, guilt, shame, and disgrace. YLM’s mission is to ensure that this population is aware that “…no matter what, Your Life (truly) Matters... to God, to Others, and to You.”

Campbell strives daily, to make God proud as a result of her obedience. Whether abandoning her car and wading in flood waters to reach the home of her elderly clients or sowing vehicles into nursing students; this unsung hero frequently postpones her plans to ensure others experience their dreams; but most importantly, ensuring that they experience the true love of God!

As a prayer warrior, a kingdom driven entrepreneur and a global and local advocate for humanity, Campbell is relentless, dedicated, and confident in partnering with God to carry forth The Great Commission. Leading with her famous broad smile, and unforgettable hugs, Minister Campbell declares, “I was born into this world to make a difference in the earth realm.”

She refuses to compromise the calling on her life - nothing will separate her from her love of God!.                                                                    

Minister Shynetta Latrice Young Campbell  unashamedly proclaims, “I want to die empty...having done all that God has purposed me to do... to the very best of my ability!”