Delegate Rosyln Tyler speaks about sportsmen’s rights and more during the Emporia Rotary Club regular meeting.

Delegate Rosyln Tyler, 75th - D, is running for reelection. Tyler assisted in creating over 1,070 jobs in Southside Virginia, led the fight in protecting hunting and sportsmen rights, assisted in developing the local Head Start program and has done much more.

“Being from a rural area like this, I certainly know some of the needs that we have when we go up to fight for our concerns at the general assembly,” Tyler said.

Building relationships has made Tyler successful. Her Christian values gear her in what she does.

“I also found in the words John F. Kennedy said, let’s seek not the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, seek the right answer,” Tyler said.

Tyler is most proud of her fight for affordable health care and for prescription drugs. Over 3,500 people in her district alone benefited from Medicaid expansion.

Tyler is most known for protecting sportsmen’s rights. She prevented a bill from being passed that would have forbid the ability to hunt with dogs by a vote of 48 to 47.

District 75 changes

As a result of the Supreme Court Ruling on redistricting in June, her district has now changed to include all the Cities of Emporia and Franklin, Sussex, Southampton, Brunswick, and Greensville Counties and part of Lunenburg County.

Tyler has been representing the 75th District for 14 years and ranks No. 19 in seniority among the 100 House of Delegate Legislators in Virginia.

She has served on the Education and Militia Police and Public Safety Committees since 2006 and was appointed by the speaker of the house to the House of Appropriations – Budget Committee.

Tyler has been a strong advocate for farming, logging and forestry industry and serves on the Virginia Rural Center Board of Directors. Additionally, she serves on the Joint Commission on Health, Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission and a member of the Legislator Sportsmen and Rural Caucas.

Some of Tyler’s major accomplishments and legislation includes (HB 2332) which increased teacher’s salaries at or above the national average. This resulted in Virginia teacher’s receiving their highest pay raise in 20 years. As a member of the House of Appropriations, she was instrumental increasing the salary for correctional officers and deputy sheriffs and attracting over $11 million to improve infrastructure and create jobs.

As a medical professional, Tyler has worked consistently to make healthcare and prescription drugs affordable through Medicaid expansion to help the disabled, individuals with pre-existing condition and working families.

Tyler continues to work towards creating higher paying jobs and expansion of high-speed internet for homes and businesses in Southside Virginia.

Tyler is a graduate of Greensville County Public Schools, Virginia State University and Old Dominion University.

She is a small business owner and has been a Physical Therapist for 29 years at Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center. in Emporia.

She grew up in Greensville County and resides in Sussex County.

She was the first female elected to the Sussex County Board of Supervisors serving for 11 years and the first female chairperson.

She is married to Rufus Tyler, Sr. and they have 4 children Rufus, Jr., Ronecia, Rosche’ and Rameka.