Buster Clemon, left, visits with Calvin Turner.

When visitors walk through the entrance of Emporia Manor, the first aspect of the facility they notice is a clean lobby. If the first impression is the most crucial, Calvin Turner is getting the job done.

For 23 years, Turner has been the man behind the scene buffing the floors and taking care of the appearance of the facility. Emporia Manor Administrator Bill Belmonte praised Turner for how he completes his duties. Belmonte described Turner as a person that comes in with a positive, upbeat attitude that is contagious.

“Every employee has a part in what we do,” Belmonte said. “It works together as a finely-tuned golf swing. Everything has to be clicking together. Calvin is a big part of that.”

Turner’s supervisor, Buster Clemon, greatly appreciates what Turner brings to the table. Turner completes his tasks without oversight, or Clemon having to go behind him. It allows Clemon to focus on needs in other areas.

“He does his job, doesn’t complain, and he takes care of his business,” Clemon said. “You can’t ask for any more than that.”

Turner insists the camaraderie between the employees is infectious. The staff works together and covers for others when help is needed. That is undoubtedly one reason Turner has kept the same job for more than two decades. He does not plan on leaving anytime soon.

It isn’t always perfect. Turner’s department was shorthanded for two months, and his workload increased significantly.

He didn’t complain. He did what he needed to do, but he certainly felt the pressure of the added duties.

“It was kind of rough there, but I came in and did what had to be done,” he said. “When we finally got somebody, it was a relief. I was happy. It took a lot off of me.”

Turner has a job that has to be done every day. With the high traffic volume in the facility, he is continuously making sure the appearance is at its best. The first impression may be the most important, but Turner’s approach makes the second, third, and fourth impressions equally impressive.