Accordius Health’s Tuesday Rotary Club presentation introduced future plans for the facility. 

William Belmonte, the administrator at Accordius Health, said the company offers lock unity, rehabilitation, long-term care and they want to transition people from hospital to home in an efficient manner.

Accordius Health’s main emphasis is rehabilitation therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy. 

“We will continue our emphasis on highly trained and skilled nurses,” Belmonte said.  

The rehabilitation workers have a combined 80 years of experience. 

Accordius Health will change the overall look of the building including the resident wings, the lobby and the main entrance. 

“The building deserves the respect that Accordius is going to give it,” Belmonte said. 

 Major emphasis will be given to the caregivers. Workers working evenings will receive an extra dollar or $1.50 and if they work nights they receive an extra $2. They will try and have 12-hour shifts. The pay raise will result in more spending in the local economy. The current payroll is currently $3.25 million.

Accordius Health will bring in workers as needed on a 90-day contract. 

“We’ll be doing that because you need coverage 24 hours a day,” Belmonte said. 

The company will provide PointClickCare, the latest modern Electronic Health Record software with access to the company’s health specialists. 

“We’re going to be much more than a retirement home, or even a nursing home,” Belmonte said.

Accordius Health has 88 to 100 patients. The secure unit with 30 beds is the only section of the facility locked down. The other 90 beds are for multiple diagnoses including mild cognitive impairment and more. 

Accordius Health is located at 200 Weaver Ave., Emporia.