Stacy French, left, signs a copy of her book, Destruction of an Angel, for her friend LaChanda Mason.

Destruction escaped Stacy French’s book signing for Destruction of an Angel. 

French, the author of Destruction of an Angel, said her book focuses on rape, molestation, and sexual and physical abuse. 

Destruction of an Angel is true and based on French’s life. French believes her book can help people going through similar situations. 

“It was a way of releasing my trauma and letting go of some of the pain that I’ve still been holding in. I know it can help people,” French said.

French stopped writing the story occasionally because it became too personal. Destruction of an Angel was published Jan. 9. 

“Once I started writing it, it brought back a lot of emotions and feelings,” French said. 

French, from Emporia, said the Emporia community needs to speak up about issues in the home. She thought if people started talking about issues they could at least try to prevent it. 

“You can’t prevent it if you don’t talk about it,” French said. 

DiShanon Haskins, French’s sister-in-law from Chesapeake, said French took a big step publishing her book. 

“A lot of people hold stuff in like that and with her, knowing the person she is, I know it took a lot for her to actually release it,” Haskins said.

The true book broke Haskins’ heart. 

“I know if her mom was alive to read it it would be hard on her, too,” Haskins said.

Valencia Jones, French’s friend and published author, felt super-duper proud of French for telling her story. 

“I loved her book. It was definitely a tear jerker, but it was real and I felt her pain as I was reading it because I went through some of the same things, but not as much as she did,” Jones said. 

Jones said it was awesome that French published her book.

“I believe her book is going to be inspiring to somebody else,” Jones said.

Destruction of an Angel by Stacy Drumgoole, French’s maiden name, can be bought on www.amazon.com. The book signing took place Tuesday at 2 p.m.