Some of the 25 students that attended the state fair take a break take a quick break after filling out all 43 items on their list. Pictured kneeling on lower left is FFA President Blair Dickens, back, Bryanna Grizzard, FFA historian, Abby Moseley FFA secretary, Madison Vinson, EJ Ogburn, Patrick Brown, Nathaniel Tucker, Christian Sasser, Bryce Finch.

At the beginning of the school year, FFA sponsor Teresa Lindberg fills parents and students in her Agriscience classes on what it means by becoming an FFA (Future Farmers of America) member. Members jump right into working by attending the state fair. When most people think of the fair, they think funnel cake, deep fried anything wrapped in bacon and bathed in cholesterol, but not FFA members. FFA students hit the ground running with a scavenger hunt that hits every EXPO educational stop at the fair, in other words, they go to learn. At the end of the day, if their list is complete, they are permitted to indulge in a bit of fair food, but they have to work for that. The students answer questions such as when was meadow farm established and why is famous? What is the VA state fish? What does the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers do? Even with all the questions, students have a great time, and learn more than most of us do after a visit.