Bracey Jones’ Kindergarten class displays one of the books they received from its sponsors.

Last year, Greensville Elementary School kindergarten teacher Bracey Jones sent out a call to help her class read more.

The project exploded and all of her students received a sponsor and each student received a new book every month.

It is hard to believe it is already time to start preparing for a new crop of Kindergarten students.

“Each month I receive the Scholastic Book Club fliers to send home,” Jones said. “My students love to look through these fliers in hopes of getting a new book or two. Unfortunately, the majority of my students never order. This means they might not be adding to their home libraries and I am not getting credit to build up my classroom library. But this can all change. Last year with your support we were able to have all of our Kindergarten students sponsored. This project would not have been a success without each of you that helped out. I hope that we can do the same this year.”

Jones said it only cost $10 to sponsor a kindergarten student.

Each month she receives the Scholastic Book Club fliers to send home. Her students look through the fliers in hopes of getting a new book or two. Jones hope to do it again this year. There will be about 20 students in each Kindergarten class. You can send money through PayPal tobraceyj@vt.edu or mail a check to 1101 Sussex Dr., Emporia, addressed to Jones.

Checks for the program can be made out to Bracey Jones or Scholastic.

“New books are always so fun and it’s a great way to build a life-long love of reading, Jones said. “I appreciate it more than words can explain.”