Emporia-Greensville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Nancy Rose recognizes EGCC Title Sponsors.

 The Emporia-Greensville Chamber of Commerce held an awards luncheon on Thursday May 16, which took place at the Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center.

In addition to upcoming plans, the luncheon highlighted the Chamber honoring its Title Sponsors. Through the awards, gives the Chamber an opportunity to recognize Title Sponsors and their outstanding contributions that are leading the way and contributing to the vitality of the community.

There was time before lunch to socialize and network. Whether you’re a networking pro or new to the game you can trust that you’ll walk away with a number of new contacts and valuable relationships. There is an opportunity to make connections, gather new resources, and most importantly have fun. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Nancy Rose welcomed the group and introduced the guest speakers.

“We are so grateful for our Title Sponsors,” Rose said. “We could not do all that we do in the community without the support of our Title Sponsors.”

This Year’s 2019 Title Sponsor Honorees were Boar’s Head Provision, Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center, Owen Ford, S.A. Thompson & Associates, Crater Community Hospice, Arby’s, Virginia Custom Thinning & Chipping, CIMC Intermodal Equipment, First Citizens Bank and Leete Tire& Auto Care. Each honoree received a plaque and gift of appreciation. During the event. Those present were given an opportunity to introduce themselves and to share with the group what was happening the their local businesses and organization. 

Keynote speakers were Joanne Connor, clerk of Greensville County Court, joined by Bobby Wrenn, recently retired clerk of the court.

They jointly gave an informative talk on the then and now of how the county clerk’s office operates.

“We are both honored to have this opportunity to share with you the old ways of the county clerks office to the new way.” said Wrenn.

According to Wrenn, records go back as far as 1781.

With that being said originally every paper was written with ink and no not an ink pen that we use today. Wrenn held in his hand what looked like an antique fountain pen or an old calligraphy pen that he personally used in 1950.

Connor went on to say that the majority of the county clerks records are public records.

There are a few exceptions and they include adoption, juvenile records, and anything sealed by the court. One of the number one questions people have for the clerks office is how they were chosen for jury duty. In the past Jury Commissioners would come in and go through this massive list, pick every fifth name, manually typed, copied and cut placing the names in a box. They would draw out 75-80 names, tape them to sheets of paper, copy and send to the Sheriff’s Office for summonses to be sent out.

“It was very labor intensive process,” Conner said. “Today we use an automated just system. We’re still using the DMV/Voter Registration list, however, it’s downloaded into the Virginia jury system. Just Commissioners still come in and go through the names but is is a much more streamlined procedure.”

At one time a docket had to be typed and ready for the judge, attorney, sheriff and one to post outside of the courtroom on a court day.

Today manual dockets are a thing of the past.

“Our dockets are computer generated now but still must be checked for accuracy,” Connor noted. “They no longer have to post the paper docket outside of the courtroom and electronic docket is displayed of the convince of the public. When a defendant pays on their fines and costs a receipt is written at the computer and they can pay with cash check or credit card and whats really convenient they can pay online.”

These significant changes have made it easier on the county clerk’s office and the judges who travel throughout the sixth judicial circuit, which spans form the North Carolina line to the James River and are in a different court each day.

Listening to both Connor and Wrenn the county clerk’s office hasn’t quite gone paperless but are significantly closer than a few years ago when they were still operating in the ice age.

Before the meeting ended there were raffle prizes.

The group seemed to have walked away with a handful of new knowledge, ideas and valuable relationships. Joining the Chamber is a great way to create awareness in the business community and give back at the same time.