Charlie Parker, left, receives his Citizens Police Academy graduation certificate from EPD Chief Ricky Pinksaw.

For more than three months students of the Citizens Police Academy were taught some of the basics of what a police officer’s duties entail on a regular basis. It also created camaraderie between the students, who were proud of each other after completing the course.

“It was certainly an eye opening, educational experience that I would recommend everyone in the community to take,” participant Peggy Malone said. “I have participated in the class before however this is by far the best.”

Citizens Police Academy is a program that provides an opportunity for the community to learn and experience first hand about the various operations of the Emporia Police Department. Through a series of presentations, mock criminal investigation and simulated activities attendees are provided an experience to gain a better understanding of the role of local law enforcement in their community.

The course instruction was administered by police department personnel. The curriculum included an overview of police operations and organization,introduction to criminal investigation, narcotics, patrol functions and many other aspects of the department.

The program is mutually beneficial to the attendees and the Emporia police department as it builds relationships and citizens are better informed about the many realities of police work and the work that officers do each day in the community.

Chief of the Emporia Police Department Rick Pinksaw spoke to the participants and their guest during the graduation. He thanked the citizens who participated in the class. Pinksaw also took the time to thank and acknowledge the officers of the Emporia Police Department who helped make this program successful.

“At the end of the day this is what its all about. Building a partnership, interacting and connecting with the people that we serve.” he said.

The citizen’s police academy is an annual program that typically begins in

April with meetings one time a week. over the course of 14 weeks the program ends with a graduation ceremony and dinner catered by the attendees and their families. Students were provided with all necessary material and there is no fee for the course.

Kay Ferguson, a student in the class, said she had moved away for a while and feels it was a good way to get reconnected. She feels much safer and was amazed at the professionalism, she also recommends the course to everyone. Before the ceremony ended participants had an opportunity to say how they felt about the course. Each of them were very appreciative and would recommend the class to all.