White’s Shoe Store is going out of business after 65 years of serving Emporia-Greensville.

For 65 years White’s Shoes has kept the feet of Emporia-Greensville citizens covered. The family announced the lone remaining store at 212 Market Dr. will be closing its doors for good.

“We have been blessed for over 65 years with your support and loyalty,” part owner of the store Donnie White said. “Our hope is that we have extended to every customer an environment of respect, kindness and appreciation for your business in any of our stores.”

White’s was started in 1954 by George and Roberta White. A few years later, they opened a second store in Lawrenceville. In 1971, a third location was added in the Emporia Shopping Center. The Market Dr. location was opened in 2000.

In May of 2014 White’s Shoes was voted by fellow members of the Emporia-Greensville Chamber of Commerce as the EGCC Business of the Year.

In December of 2016 White’s Shoe Store started the process of closing the doors at its Lawrenceville store. Citizens of Emporia-Greensville were sad to hear the word of White’s closing its doors of its final store in Emporia.

“That’s a shame,” Martha Dodd-Slippy said. “They are not old enough to retire. That makes me sad to hear they are closing.”

Emporia City Sheriff Keith Prince was stunned by the news of the business closing its doors.

“Anytime a local business closes, it’s a blow to the community,” he said.

The White family announced it would begin a “Going Out of Business Sale” on Friday, Sept. 20. The sale continues until all inventory and fixtures are liquidated.

In a letter to the editor to the Independent-Messenger the White family thanked all of the customers, vendors and employees that supported the business during the store’s 65-year run. The family also expressed heartfelt thanks to the community and Emporia-Greensville Chamber of Commerce for supporting White’s Shoe Store.

As Emporia-Greensville Chamber of Commerce member Scott Thompson presented the White family with the 2014 Business of the Year Award he described how much the business meant to the area.

“Small business is the cornerstone of our society,” Thompson said. “One of our community’s oldest small business is White’s Shoe Store. We are delighted to present White’s Family Shoe Store with the Business of the Year Award.”

The family-owned White’s Shoe Store has been providing Emporia-Greensville with footwear for 65 years. It is a business that brings wonderful memories for many in the community.