Leaf collection in the City of Emporia continues through Jan. 31. City officials are asking residents to make sure leaves raked to the curbside are free of debris and rocks in order to keep the leaf collection truck on the road.

If you are a resident of Emporia, you’ve likely seen the big truck sucking up leaves off the street in the last month or so. City leaders want to make sure that the vehicle stays on the road.

Sanitation Manager Anthony Gillus said citizens could help by removing rocks and other debris from leaves raked or blown to the side of the street.

The leaf collection started Oct. 1 and continues through the end of January. From 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, city workers are collecting leaves from curbsides as long as the weather cooperates with the mission of the leaf collection.

The schedule is a little different from the trash collection pattern. Gillus said the city is divided into five quadrants. The schedule is determined by the number of leaves currently in each quadrant. Gillus said a quadrant with a lot of collection needed could take the better part of two days to complete.

Raking leaves to the curbside is the standard for city residents until February.

Once January ends, leaves must be bagged or boxed.