Ester Small. left, applauds as GCHS Principal Lameka Harrison, center, presents the Teacher of the Quarter award to Janice Jones.

Congratulations to Janice Jones, Special Education teacher at Greensville County High School (GCHS).

Jones, a veteran teacher for Greensville County Public Schools, was presented the Teacher of the Quarter Award by Principal Lameka Harrison. Jones is currently a Special Education Teacher at GCHS. Ester Small, who is also a Special Education Teacher, students, and co-workers, that attended the presentation, cheered and applauded Jones. Jones received a plaque, a check, and balloons. Jones’ sister nominated her for The Teacher of the Quarter award that is sponsored by the Virginia Credit Union. Edward W. Wyatt Middle School (WMS) Instructional Spotlight was present by Principal Marcus Carey, at the December school board meeting.

Carey’s Instructional initiatives for WMS includes Project/Problem-based Learning (PBL), After-School Assistance, Student Support Wrap Around, Parental Involvement, Data-Driven Professional Learning Communities (PLC), and Faculty PLCs. Carey’s Instructional Focus emphasizes the importance of teachers providing students with rigorous, purposeful, and data-driven class assignments that would include Sol Standards, Competencies, Anticipatory Set, Formative Assessment, and Essential Questions. He also expressed that teachers should provide instruction that allows for Guided Practices, Independent Practice/Closure/Assessment, Teacher Reflection/ Notes, and using Marzano Strategies.

Carey shared that Instructional Intervention and Support are vital for students needing extra help. According to Cary’s presentation, effective Instructional Intervention is data-driven. A student’s data form provides information to guide the support and intervention required for the student to be successful. Carey’s report included that providing extensive learning for students who are already proficient is just as vital as intervention and support for the student that needs extra help.

Carey concluded by saying, “I ask teachers to make instruction fun instead of a lot of lecturing” and shared several fun activities used by teachers. A couple of fun instructional activities teachers have used at WMS are Fruit Loop and Jeopardy games.

Attendance Awards presented at the December School meeting for the highest student attendance, 81% went to Principal Mary Person at Belfield Elementary School. Wyatt Middle School received the highest staff attendance at 93%.

Student of the month is quite an accomplishment at WMS. Teachers from each grade select students with good citizenship are very cooperative with faculty, administration, and all other staff, exhibit good school spirit, with above-average grades, and show respect for school and fellow students. The students must have no disciple referrals or unexcused absences and be responsible.

The students of the month for December at WMS are:

Eight grade: Zaviyo Perry and Bryanna Grizzard

Seventh grade- Tai’Leia Pulliam and Julian Mitchell

Sixth grade-Savior Hazel and Loren McMillan