The bridge on Moore’s Ferry Road was a concern brought up during citizens’ comments at the recent Greensville County Board of Supervisors meeting.

The bridge’s railing on Moore’s Ferry Road makes it a dangerous one-way road.

“I was going to stay out of it, but after Friday when I saw two people almost have a head on collision, a gravel truck and a car, I thought I better come back and let you know,” Jack Scott, a Greensville County resident, said.

Scott wants the Greensville County Board of Supervisors to see Moore’s Ferry Road. He said Greensville County should do whatever is needed to shorten and curve down the bridge’s railings. 

Greensville County Board of Supervisors Chair Belinda Astrop started working with someone on Greensville County road conditions and will make it a priority. She will let Scott know what is decided. Scott wants to fix the problem before summer because people traveling on U.S. 301 do not know there is a narrow bridge because of the lack of signs. 

The Virginia Department of Transportation will be at the next Greensville County Board of Supervisors meeting, so the matter will be discussed at that time.