John Holtkamp, left, and Jenny Holtkamp stand on opposite sides of the Riparian Woman’s Club sign showing thanks to the frontline workers in Emporia-Greensville.

Jenny Holtkamp with the Riparian Woman’s Club of Emporia recently put up a sign thanking frontline workers for their efforts.

“They have put their lives at risk for us and I just think we should be thanking them,” Holtkamp said.  

The Riparian Woman’s Club of Emporia’s Arts Committee came up with ideas to thank the community for everything they do. One of the ideas was a sign now hanging near the Welcome to Emporia sign by U.S. Route 58.

The club’s Arts Committee asked community members to hang things in their windows to support frontline workers, and the committee followed by hanging posters in hospitals to support hospital staff for what they do.

“We really appreciate everything our frontline workers have had to do to risk their lives to keep us up and working in our community,” Holtkamp said.

John Holtkamp, Jenny’s husband, bought wood to hang up the sign.