Superintendent Kim Evans

What is the Purpose of a School Division’s Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan is one of the best tools to assist a school division in defining and implementing organizational objectives and goals to achieve student success.

Successful strategic planning includes input from all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, administrators, principals, board members, and the community at large so everyone will be striving for the same goals. The creation of high-output teams and consistent monitoring of all progress is vital to ensure the success of your plan.

In the spring of 2019, over 35 members of the community joined with Greensville County Public Schools (GCPS). They began working to create a strategic plan. The goal is to create a six-year program that will guide the GCPS division for the next six years.

Facilitators for the three-day workshop were. Wayne Harris, and Kevin Castner, of Cambridge. They are both former superintendents. This group, the Strategic Plan Core Team, created the mission for GCPS. The Core Team identified the beliefs and parameters that will guide the Division’s work and ended the session by identifying objectives and strategies for the school division to achieve.

Now, GCPS is beginning to research best practices to accomplish the objectives and strategies identified by the Core Team.

Action Teams comprised of school staff, community members, parents, and students are now conducting research to identify how to implement the objectives. The Division will be exploring innovative ways of teaching students to learn.

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