Mecklenburg Electric’s David Lipscomb discusses broadband with the Greensville County Board of Supervisors Monday as Assistant County Administrator Gary Cifers looks on.

Mecklenburg Electric Company empowers broadband in Greensville County. The company will serve people as they build the service.

“Our goal is to get it [broadband] built out to all of our membership. In it [membership], there happens to be areas that need it [broadband]. We would be interested in talking to those to see where that might be needed,” David Lipscomb with Mecklenburg Electric Company said.

Mecklenburg Electric Company works with Mid-Atlantic Broadband to fill gaps in the system covering Southampton, Greensville, Brunswick, Mecklenburg, Pittsylvania and Halifax County.

“We’re beginning to add pieces of the puzzle together so we don’t have to duplicate services. We know how important it is to be able to utilize existing services,” Lipscomb said.

Fifty megabits per second costs $69.95 per month. People can add telephone, voice over, IP telephone and more for an additional $30.

The 50/50 package costs $89 and the 100 megabits package costs $139. The company also provides a customized solution where they work with companies to make sure they have what they need.

With the 50/50 package customers can watch up to five TVs at one time. Mecklenburg Electric Company wants to make sure children in Greensville County have the same opportunities as children in other parts of Virginia.

“If you need to log online and do searches or do any kind of homework you can do it. If you need to upload a file, a huge file, you can do that. You can get it back to your school,” Lipscomb said.

In rural areas many kids go to their local library or McDonald’s to do their homework. Broadband gives students the opportunity to do their homework at home and gives adults the ability to work from home.

“We’ve reached a point in Southside Virginia and in Greensville County where we’ve got to join together locally to provide what’s become our newest utility, and that’s broadband,” Lipscomb said.

A $2.62 million matching grant from the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission funded phase one of the project. Phase one includes building 135 miles of fiber across the system. Mecklenburg Electric Company will work in Greensville County this quarter.

Today people need broadband, and the Mecklenburg Electric Company was established to provide that service.

“Our members began to say hey, we need some help. We need something further regarding broadband. So we began to look at it,” David Lipscomb, vice president of member and energy services, said.

The system is a fiber technology with lasers that transmit data.

“There’s nothing faster than the speed of light, so it is future proof,” Lipscomb said.