This contributed photo shows discolored water in the City of Emporia.

Officials said in a statement the water in City is safe to drink late Sunday evening after advising residents as a precaution three hours earlier to stop using the water until after midnight.

“The City of Emporia has resolved the water discoloration issue. The “STOP USE” order was precautionary to ensure the safety of our citizens,” the statement on the City’s website read. “The water is now safe for drinking and all other uses. Thank you to our citizens and businesses for their patience in this matter. If you still notice discolored water, allow water to run until it clears. If discoloration continues please call (434) 634-2121.”

The cause of the most recent water discoloration is currently under investigation. It is not the first time the water supply has been inflicted with discoloration in parts of Emporia. In the past residents complained of discolored water of a brown color. This time the complaints were of a pink water color.

Hot temperatures causing water discoloration in the City’s water supply in July of 2016 came to a head a special City Council meeting the following month with residents filling City Hall to express concerns about the safety of the water. It happened again in the summer of 2018.

In an August 2018 City Council meeting, Councilman Jim Saunders said learning how to keep the system flushed to get rid of the discoloration as much as possible is a good step, but the replacement of the lines is essential when the City was experiencing discolored water at the time.

“As we all know, it is expensive to replace the lines, but also something that has to be done,” he said. “It’s not going to be easy and it’s not going to be cheap. It’s going to take time.”