Bain Cameron discusses the reach of RAM throughout the state.

The Remote Area Medical’s (RAM) Kick Off Meeting on Sept. 18 celebrated RAM’s accomplishments and looked to the future.

Wendy Wright, a core lead volunteer and a member of RAM, said at the kickoff meeting RAM members received information on what the group accomplished in the last three years.

“It’s important because we have such a critical need in our area for health care. There’s so many in our area that are under or either uninsured and RAM fills that void,” Wright said.

People can be insured and still use RAM’s services.

“Anyone that would like to partake in the services whether you have insurance or don’t have insurance, no matter what your income level is, no matter where you live, no matter what your age is can come and take advantages of the services,” Wright said.

Glenda Creath, a core lead volunteer and a member of RAM, said the meeting shared patient service statistics from 2019 with leaders.

“Without our business leaders and people in the community donating money or be it water and volunteers, RAM wouldn’t exist. It takes everybody,” Creath said.