Jamar Walton speaks to Emporia Rotary Club.

Welcoming Arms Adult Day Support Center, run by Olivia Mason, will provide guidance for those with disabilities in an environment focused on growth.

The program will serve males and females 18 and older with mental and physical disabilities and substance abuse issues.

“Our vision is to offer services to the individuals that we serve and enable individuals to reach their fullest potential by love and support,” Jamar Walton, Olivia Mason’s son, said.

Welcoming Arms Adult Day Support Center will supply a membership to the local Y, engaging activities in the community, socializing and behavioral support, and services in mobility, money management and more. Their services also include medication support, meal plans, arts and crafts, birthday celebrations and yoga.

The program will reach Southampton County, Sussex County, Greensville County and Brunswick County. Transportation will be provided for members.

“It’s something that’s much needed here in the town because we don’t have one,” Walton said.

Snacks will be provided, but meals will not be.

The program will accept Virginia Medicaid upon approval, Community Living Waivers and Developmental Disability Waivers.

Welcoming Arms Adult Day Support Center will open at the end of September and will be located at 714 N. Main St., Emporia, Va.

The Center’s office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

To schedule a tour of the Welcoming Arms Adult Day Support Center please contact Walton or Mason at 434-378-3959.