The Accreditation Committee of the College of American Pathologists (CAP) has awarded accreditation to VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital’s Main Laboratory, South Hill, Virginia based on results of a recent on-site inspection as part of the CAP’s Accreditation Programs.

 The facility’s director, Catherine L. Palmer, MD, was advised of this national recognition and congratulated for the excellence of the services being provided. VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital’s Main Laboratory is one of more than 8,000 CAP-accredited facilities worldwide.

 “VCU Health CMH Laboratory Director Christina Duke and I are proud of the hard working and professional staff of our lab, and we are grateful for the leadership of VCU Health CMH administration, the guidance of the VCU Pathology Department, and the support of our wonderful community,” said Dr. Palmer.  The U.S. federal government recognizes the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program, begun in the early 1960s, as being equal-to or more-stringent-than the government’s own inspection program.

 During the CAP accreditation process, designed to ensure the highest standard of care for all laboratory patients, inspectors examine the laboratory’s records and quality control of procedures for the preceding two years. CAP inspectors also examine laboratory staff qualifications, equipment, facilities, safety program and record, and overall management.


The VCU Health Community Memorial Hospital Community Church Health Partnership’s (CCHP) annual symposium and luncheon recently offered community members an educational wellness program, coordinated by CMH Occupational Health and Wellness Services’ Donna Overton, LPN, COHC, BAT, SAMI-DOT.

“We were thrilled to have so many come out today,” Donna Overton said. “This partnership continues to be a strong part of our community because of the support we have in our area churches.”

Lucero Vazquez, certified exercise physiologist, provided information on general health and also demonstrated chair exercises during the event at the C.A.R.E Building’s Education Center.

Chaplain Joanne Bedford followed with a segment on the “Power of Laughter.”

CCHP provides an innovative way to deliver health care information to people in the faith community.  This non-traditional partnership provides people easy access to up-to-date information on important health topics in the supportive environment of their church. The CCHP originated in 1999 at the request of residents in Mecklenburg, Lunenburg and Brunswick Counties and reaches more than 70 churches.

If your church is interested in partnering with CCHP, please contact Donna Overton at (434) 584-5390.