From Start 2 Finish Administrative Coordinator Martina Bullock, left, and youth mentor Shatia Ramsey get an early start on sorting through and preparing for this year’s undergarment drive.

Most of us take for granted buying new underwear or laundering our underwear so we have a clean pair every day. For many, this is not a reality.

Every year millions of kids go without underwear which can impact everything from their self-esteem to their performance in school. It has been said that it’s the second most requested thing behind food by underprivileged families but the least donated. From Start 2 Finish Counseling Services Inc (FS2F)  is working to fix that. 

According to Rotunda Rush, owner of FS2F, she was surprised and saddened as to how many children’s parents have to choose between clothing items because they aren’t able to afford everything. She couldn’t imagine going without the basic necessities or having to make a choice between putting a meal on the table or buying new underwear for her child or children.

“It’s through drives like this one we inspire to help fill not just an important hygienic need but satisfy a psychological one too,” Rush said. “Hygiene and physical comfort are only a part of the basic human need. New clean underwear also provides dignity and self esteem. No one should be deprived of the simple daily necessity of clean underwear that many of us take for granted.”

“Underwear makes a difference in a child’s dignity., said FS2F Program Director Martina Bullock. “It can help restore their self worth and confidence.” 

FS2F organizes programs and services throughout the area that addresses the needs of the whole adolescent’s mind, body and spirits. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Only new underwear in its original package will be accepted.

The drive is from June through July. The underwear collected will be added to book bags and distributed at the back to school summer palooza  Aug. 3. 

For more information on the undergarment drive or how you can donate please contact From Start 2 Finish Counseling Services, Inc (434) 634-0060.