William Cain, left, discusses the treatment plant resolution as Brenda Parson looks at her notes.

The Jarratt Water Treatment Plant Chloride Dioxide Generator Replacement Resolution was approved. 

On Sept. 18 the supplier of Safety-T-Chlor informed Greensville County Water and Sewer Authority that they will no longer be able to supply the chemical needed to generate the chlorine dioxide in the county’s water. 

“Chlorine dioxide is needed to continue operations at the water plant. Chlorine dioxide cannot be packaged, it must be generated on site,” Glenn Gibson said.

B&B Consultants Inc. researched replacement chlorine dioxide generators and the investigation determined that International Dioxcide Inc. manufactures a generator that produces chlorine dioxide in a two-step process. Other companies involve a three-step process. The current water treatment plant facility has the space to house this two-step process, but not the three-step process. 

“Therefore, International Dioxcide Incorporated is the only identified manufacturer of a generator which can be housed in our current facilities,” Gibson said. 

B&B Consultants Inc. needs to build an additional chemical room to use the facilities they currently have. The Virginia Department of Health’s Office of Drinking Water approved the refurbished generator to be installed at B&B’s facility. B&B Consultants Inc. will accept International Dioxcide Incorporated’s offer of buying a refurbished generator from them for $39,153. They will also receive $20,000 in additional funds to procure additional services needed for the project. 

“We need somebody to modify our scalene system, or our water plant control system, so that it can start this chlorine dioxide generator when we start the water plant and stop it when it stops, to integrate with our existing system,” Gibson said. 

B&B Consultants Inc. has $4,800 in contingency and their total budget is $59,153 to replace the chlorine dioxide generator. They need pipework to be done. Properly sized equipment can be moved to a new water plant built in the future.