Al Roberts, left, looks on as keynote speaker pastor Joshua Williams speaks to the guests.

The 39th Annual Moses D. Knox Freedom Fund Banquet for NAACP in Greensville-Emporia gave the candidates of the Senate, House of Delegates and Greensville County Board of Supervisors a chance to advocate for themselves. 

L. Louise Lucas, currently running for Virginia State Senate, asked for the people of Greensville County to vote for her and talked about her mission with criminal justice reform. The Courts of Justice and the committees that Lucas serves on allows him to work on issues within the criminal justice system. 

“What else makes that happen is to put judges on the bench that understand how to treat these young individuals who are getting caught up in this criminal justice system,” Lucas said.

Rufus Tyler, Roslyn Tyler’s husband, spoke for Roslyn at the Fund Banquet. She is running for the Virginia House of Delegates. Roslyn attended a cancer survivors event during the Fund Banquet. Rufus talked about Roslyn’s accomplishments including expanding Medicaid, fighting high tolls and making college education affordable for everyone. Rufus asked for the audience’s votes on behalf of his wife.

Otto Wachsman, Jr., a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, was raised in Emporia, Virginia. He is a pharmacist and lived in Sussex County for most of his life. 

“I have watched my patients in this district come into our pharmacy on a daily basis. And I’ve seen some struggles of being able to afford their prescription medications,” Wachsman said.

 He intends to work on the shortage of health care providers in the area and on Emporia, Virginia, being a medically underserved area. Sy’Nari Reynolds became a NAACP Jr. Silver Life Member. 

Dr. Jeffie Powell performed during the Fund Banquet and Cornell Hines from the Greensville-Emporia NAACP Executive Committee advocated membership in NAACP. Hines said membership is the lifeline of the organization. Dinner was provided.