Desmond Marqui Cleaton

LAWRENCEVILLE – Desmond Marqui Cleaton, 40, from Lawrenceville is charged with open container/drinking while operating a motor vehicle, eluding police – felony, driving after forfeiture of license, and reckless driving - speeding on Aug. 2.

Captain Brad Evans with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office said at approximately 6:54 p.m. Deputy C. M. Green attempted to stop a blue four door Cadillac for traveling 66 mph in a 35 mph zone in the 19000 block of Christanna Highway. When he activated the emergency equipment the vehicle sped up to a higher rate of speed before turning down Green Acres Road. The vehicle made a wide right turn onto Green Acres Road before speeding up going down the hill. At the bottom of the hill there was a resident of the neighborhood on a golf cart with his granddaughter. They were on the shoulder of the road when the car sped past them going towards the end of the cul-de-sac.

The vehicle was found just in the woods and a male subject fled through the woods. Later through some investigative work and with the help of citizens it was determined that Cleaton was the driver. Warrants were obtained and the subject turned himself in and was held at the Meherrin River Regional Jail.

In other matters, Scott Flaim Edwards, 24, from Warfield is charged with assault of a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest/fleeing from an officer on July 27.

Evans said Deputy A. S. Grassel responded to 19517 Boydton Plank Road, Warfield, for a report of a disturbance. While in route, the caller advised that Edwards was using a rock to break the back door to gain entry. Lieutenant C. Clary and Grassel were the first to arrive.

The caller stated that Edwards and his sister were inside. Grassel noticed that a door in the house was broken in half. Grassel and Clary announced that they were law enforcement and could hear a male and female screaming. Grassel could see a male holding a female down on the ground and saw the female trying to get away. The female had several abrasions on her person. Edwards stayed on the floor and was very uncooperative. At that point the officers began to take Edwards into custody. He immediately began to fight and resist. He was told multiple times to stop resisting but did not. Once the officers got Edwards to the car he refused to get into the car. Edwards was given a preliminary breath test and blew a .20 BAC.

The female stated they lived together for the past six years. Grassel was kicked in the right leg just above the knee leaving a bruise.

Edwards was placed in a holding cell and Grassel obtained warrants. An Emergency Protective Order was issued.