Tod Balsbaugh discusses the history of Jackson-Feild Behaviral Health Service.

Tod Balsbaugh, Vice President of Advancement for Jackson-Feild Behavioral Health Service was hosted by the Greensville County Historical Society on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

Balsbaugh gave a talk on the history of Jackson-Feild from its inception as a permanent home for girls to its transition of today as a behavioral health service for girls and boys. Mr. and Mrs. George Field gave their ancestral home “Walnut Grove” located in Jarrett, along with 70 acres of land to be used as a permanent home for girls. In 1925 the home merged with Jackson Orphanage of Norfolk, and is known today as Jackson-Feild Behavioral Health Service.

Today with a staff of trained therapists the organization continues to work with children suffering from mental health disorders and/or substance use issues.