Pictured from left, William Cain, Brenda Parson and Gary Cifers prepare for a Board of Supervisors meeting.

A water and sewer rate increase was approved at the recent Greensville County Board of Supervisors meeting. 

Glen Gibson, assistant director of the Greensville County Water and Sewer Authority, said the Water and Sewer Authority presented a rate analysis report to the authority at the Nov. 18 Greensville County Board of Supervisors meeting. The Board of Supervisors recommended increasing water and sewer service rates to fund expenses. 

The resolution adopted on Nov. 18 allowed authorities to set forth its proposed water rate increase of 8% and sewer increase of 4%. The proposed increases will be effective Jan. 1. 

The most recent water rate increase went into effect Sept. 14. It had been five years since the Greensville County Water and Sewer Authority raised its water rates.

The consumer pricing reports an 8% increase in inflation since their last water rate increase. 

The most recent sewer rate increase took place in October 2016. Consumer price index reports a 6% increase in inflation since the last sewer rate increase. 

William Cain thought the increase was too high and did not want to make the decision at the meeting. Raymond Bryant Jr. agreed with him.

“The rest of the County doesn’t need to pay for something that they aren’t using,”  Bryant Jr. said.