Curtis Gillam tries his luck at Dunkin Donuts live onsite Virginia lottery event.

Dunkin’ Donuts is no longer just serving the community coffee and donuts. It is bringing the excitement and support of Virginians love of games to the Emporia -Greensville community.

If you drove or stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts on Market St. Dr. in Emporia Wednesday, you may have noticed a crowd of people outside lined up waiting for an opportunity to participate in the live Virginia Lottery promotion. Participants waited anxiously to try their luck at the corn hole toss for a chance to win prizes that included hats, coffee mugs, water bottles, tee-shirts and more.

Those participants who downloaded the Virginia lottery app on their phone also received five free $1 scratch off tickets.

“The Virginia lottery is committed to fun and games so they are a great partner to join and will add even more to the Dunkin Donuts customers experience,” said Ritesh Patel owner of the new Dunkin’ Donuts. 

Not only will you be able to purchase tickets for all your favorite lottery games including mega millions powerball bank a million, cash 4 life, pick 3, pick 4 and cash 5 Virginians are bound to find a game they love. But, the fun doesn’t stop there players can also enjoy a whole new line of e-games available only through mobile play, which is a new interactive games online at valottery.com

“Virginia lottery is always looking for new and creative ways to make the customer experience easier and more enjoyable.” Said Representative of Virginia Lottery Ryan Francisco.

“Helping the Virginia lottery with its mission to raise revenue for Virginia’s public schools and provide a great experience for customers works for me.” Virginia lottery generates approximately 1.2 million per day for Virginia’s K-12 public schools. Remember to have fun and play responsibly,” customer Bobby Wright said.