2018 Teen Miss Haley Temple competes in the 2018 Formal Dress category.

The Virginia Peanut Pageant is the first official event of the Virginia Peanut Festival in late September. Pageant winners usually become a part of the Virginia Peanut Festival Parade.

Unfortunately, many cannot afford to participate in the Virginia Peanut Festival Pageant, but Shannon Seward, pageant director, has come up with a plan to increase participation in the pageant.

If you have a pageant, prom or formal dress that is hanging in a closet or packed away in a foot locker, Seward is hoping you will donate the clothing to the Virginia Peanut Festival Dress Closet.

“Our mission for the pageant this year is to increase the number of participants who would love to enter but might be limited financially,” Seward said.

To donate a dress,drop them off at Reflections by Sandra at 113 N. Main St. The dresses will be picked up by contestants prior to the pageant and put back into the dress closet when the pageant ends.

For more information about the Virginia Peanut Festival Pageant program send your questions to vapeanutpgnt@yahoo.com.