Rev. Joshua Williams preaches about faulty foundations during a Habitat for Humanity meeting.

Building spiritual houses on sturdy foundations fit the model of Habitat for Humanity’s “Building on Faith” 10th Anniversary Celebration.

During the celebration the Rev. Joshua Williams fervently preached the Word of God. He said we live in a world full of people living on faulty foundations.

“This great country that says that we are one nation under God, often times we treat our brothers and sisters like we don’t know each other because we’re built on a faulty foundation,” Williams said.

A nation that tells people to pledge allegiance to the flag, but does not give soldiers jobs and health care when they come home is built on faulty foundations.

“When we say we care about our children, but we invest more in prisons than we do in schools we are built on faulty foundations,” Williams said.

People built on a faulty foundation cannot stand, but if people believe in the word of Jesus Christ they can build their spiritual house on a rock. People should reinvest themselves in building a firm foundation.

“Don’t worry about building a pretty house on a shaky foundation. One of the worst things you can do is be a pretty house that can’t nobody live in,” Williams said.

Williams advised the congregation to do an inspection on people to see if they can be inhabited before coming in contact with their house.

“We have to be a people that said, you know what, even though I’m around broke down houses, I’m not above doing renovations,” Williams said.

During the anniversary celebration the congregation sang songs and Habitat for Humanity asked churches to donate $500 to start the organization’s 11th house.