Jessica Jones pours her heart out for domestic violence survivors.

The Candlelight Vigil at Main Street Methodist Church on Thursday honored those affected by domestic violence. 

Nancy Turner, the event organizer, invited everyone at the Candlelight Vigil to take a moment of silence to think about those who may have been impacted by domestic violence. 

“We don’t always know what people have been affected by,” Turner said.  

The Family Violence Sexual Assault Unit works collaboratively with other agencies and organizations in Emporia-Greensville to create a safer community for families that live there. 

Patty Richardson and Patti Watson, the Virginia Goode, Kelli Wyatt, the Emporia Dance Group, Jessica Jones and Joel Mayle performed at the Candlelight Vigil. The performers hoped the words of each song would inspire survivors to carry on. 

A poem by Jeanette Thompson was read. The poem honored those who lost their lives to domestic violence. It talked about victims being remembered and fighting against family violence. 

A slideshow of people who died because of domestic violence played as Jealous of Angels by Jessica Harris played to remember the dead.

Pastor Tom Durrance led a prayer for the victims of family violence.

After the tribute, everyone present transitioned outside to light candles and hold a biodegradable balloon release.

Joel Mayle sang Amazing Grace and Jessica Jones said a closing prayer. 

Turner asked audience members to please reach out to the Family Violence Sexual Assault Unit if they or someone they know is impacted by family violence. The Family Violence Sexual Assault Unit can be found at 401 C South Main Street, Emporia. The phone number for the Family Violence Sexual Assault Unit is (434) 348-0100 and its fax number is (434) 348-9319. Turner’s email is nturner@fvsau.org.