Tamekia Hamlin, center left, and Mayor Mary Person cut the ribbon during the grand opening for My Vision Beauty on Halifax St.

When Tamekia Hamlin opened her new 413 Halifax St. business, My Vision Beauty, last week specializing as an all natural hair salon working with no chemicals or dye, she had a vision that was more than the product for sale.

“I want to help other people the way God helped me,” she said. “I want to mentor young women. We’ll meet and talk about drugs, sex and relation education to help women. That’s my vision and that is what I want to do.”

Hamlin said her vision of a mentorship program for young females is one aspect of the business she cares deeply about instituting into the business model. In fact, she has already done that to some extent with the employees, who also happen to be her friends. The mentorship program is called “Real Talk”. Hamlin and the other members of the group discuss all topics and issues young females face in today’s world.

The Chicago native moved to Jarratt when she was 12 and has been a fixture in the Emporia-Greensville community. Hamlin was already self-employed selling hair. She also owned the 413 Halifax St. space. She needed to figure out how she would utilize the Halifax St. site and she came up with the plan she has now put in place.

My Vision Beauty receptionist Briana Purifoy is a friend of Hamlin and Hamlin’s family. Purifoy said she has always been interested in hair and was asked if she would work with Hamlin. She’s excited about the business model Hamlin is bringing to Emporia.

“She just wants to help people out,” she said. “She wanted to bring a group of girls together and everybody to flourish and grow together. She was already selling hair, so she decided to go ahead and start a business and at the same time help her friends.”

Hamlin has been selling hair under the name My Vision Bundles. With the new shop she is giving people with a talent for the business to show what they can do. My Vision Beauty is open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. You can reach Hamlin at (757) 899-0337.