Jessica Jones, S.N.A.P.-E.d. program assistant-youth, talks to the kids about 4-H.

Friday’s Community Helper Day from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Greensville Elementary School gave kindergartners a hands on chance to learn about various careers.

During the event, children visited different stations with local professionals. The professionals gave 5 to 7 minute presentations using visuals to demonstrate their careers.

Rasheeda Hargrove, the event planner and Hannah Parker, the 4-H youth development associate extension agent at the Virginia Cooperative, taught kids yoga during Community Helper Day.

“I love working with the kids, and I love seeing them really enjoy learning about the different careers. It’s a lot of fun,” Parker said.

Thea Zacharofoulos and Peggy Dunn, nurses at the Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center, participated in the event to give back and inform kids on what the Medical Center provides for the community.

“Hopefully we’ll get one of these young minds to go towards a nursing career,” Dunn said.

Tiffany House, a title one reading teacher at Greensville Elementary School, said Community Helper Day gave kids a better look at possible career opportunities and something to look forward to.

“They [the students] get to visit different community outlets to give them a better, realistic approach to think about what they want to be as they grow up,” House said.