William Cain, middle with scissors, cuts the grand opening ribbon as Jim Sampson, to Cain’s right, Sampson’s employees, and community members help Sampson celebrate the opening of A&W Welding.

A&W Welding’s ribbon cutting Jan. 15  at 12:30 p.m. celebrated the store opening. 

Jim Sampson, a superintendent and partner of A&W Welding, said the company is a full service portable construction company. Its five employees are heavy equipment certified and certified in pipe welding. A&W does all phases and portable work.

The company officially opened the week of Jan. 6, but have been in Emporia since September 2019. After being in the area for many years the business opened as A&W Welding because it needed a central location.

A&W Welding works with concrete, all metals including steel, stainless steel, carter steel, aluminum, ceramic tile, ornamental iron, cast iron and more. They company creates custom hand railings, wrought iron beds and chandeliers. It also creates artwork with the blacksmith trade. A&W Welding creates custom items such as a horseshoe shoe rack and art pieces made of metal.  The business also does sheetrock work and painting. 

A&W Welding creates products for industrial plants. It installs industrial pipes and replace dented factory pipes. 

“The only thing we don’t do is electrical and blacktop,” Sampson said.

Sampson said A&W Welding’s services are the best.

“That’s a no brainer. I’ve been in this area since, I’d say the 90s we came here, and there was a desire for welding to be here,” Sampson said.

Sampson opened A&W Welding because he saw a need for it. Customers called and asked Sampson to fix equipment because no other welders reside in the area. 

A&W Welding worked with Virginia Hydro Designs, Oran Safety Glass, Boar’s Head and more. 

“My goal really is to take care of these people,” Sampson said.

Dustyn Sampson, second in charge at A&W Welding, said the company always looks out for customers.

“We always put the customer first, take care of them. Any way they want things done we try to incorporate it the best way we can while still giving them the best quality work we can,” Dustyn said.

There is an A&W Welding office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Charleston, West Virginia, but most business is done at the Emporia store. A&W Welding is located at 554 Courtland Road, James River Junction, Emporia.