The Muddy Water Riding Club begins its Annual Poker Run run to raise money for charities on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Wind blew through Muddy Water Riding Club member’s hair during their 10th Muddy Water Annual Poker Run on Saturday. 

Tony Moore, president of Emporia’s Muddy Water Riding Club, said the run raised money for local charities.

The Muddy Water Riding Club holds two or three fundraisers throughout the year including the Annual Poker Run, gun raffle, and a Chicken Muddle later in the year.

In October, the club decides where to donate money raised from its fundraisers. Last year, the club donated to the Emporia Family Violence Program, Kids and Cops, St. Jude, and the Ronald McDonald House.

“Normally we try to keep it as local as possible,” Moore said. 

The run included five stops. At each stop riders drew a playing card, holding five at the end of the run. Those with the best and worst hand won a prize. 

Riders’ registration fees paid for prizes, and money leftover was donated to different charities.

Brandon Rawlings has been part of the Muddy Water Riding Club for five years. He participates in the club’s fundraisers to raise money for charities. 

“It’s a great event. Good brotherhood, good networking. You meet people and see people you haven’t seen all year long,” Rawlings said. 

The run brings people together. It usually draws between 70 and 90 riders. 

“It’s just something we started many years ago to try and give back to the community. It’s always a fun event,” Moore said. 

The run started at Simmons Travel Center on U.S. Route 301 South, and ended at the Muddy Water Riding Club House at 1845 Skippers Road.

Door prizes, a gun raffle, and a 50/50 raffle took place at the final stop.