School Board member Janey Bush, left, and Superintendent Dr. Kim Evans prepare for a School Board meeting.

Greensville County School Board members need community input. They are exploring the idea of starting all schools before Labor Day for the 2020-2021 school year.

Traditionally, schools followed the legislation known as the Kings Dominion Law. This law mandated schools to open after Labor Day unless they obtained a waiver allowing the school division to start school before Labor Day.

The state has passed new legislation, and it is no longer necessary for school divisions to seek waivers to begin the school year before Labor Day. The law now states, “Each local school board shall set the school calendar so that the first-day students are required to attend school shall be no earlier than 14 days before Labor Day.

In school divisions in which the school board sets the school calendar so that the first-day students are required to attend school is before Labor Day, such school board shall close each school in the school division from the Friday immediately preceding Labor Day through Labor Day.”

According to Superintendent Evans, there has been some interest expressed regarding opening schools before Labor Day. Evans further stated that there are pros and cons to a pre-Labor Day start. Some of the advantages are the first semester will end before the Christmas holiday, and students are out of school by the end of May. One concern regarding switching to a pre-Labor Day start is the length of the summer break during the first year of implementation will be very short. Another matter is families who have planned vacations a year in advance may find the early start of school during the first year presents a conflict with vacation plans.

The School Board members are interested in hearing from all stakeholders asked Dr. Evans to create a survey to receive feedback from students, teachers, parents, and all other stakeholders.

Please take the time to complete and return the survey when you receive it. The board needs feedback from the entire school community to make an informed decision.