The wreath and memorial stones were donated by the Riparian Woman’s Club and former member Sara Burton.

The Riparian Woman’s Club has updated its memorial at Bloom’s Corner honoring the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The site has been landscaped, the mural has been repainted and a wreath has been donated by Monte’s Flowers & Gifts.

The memorial, which resides at the corner of Halifax St. and East Atlantic St., was dedicated in 2011 on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. Sara Burton, a former member of the Riparian Women’s Club who now resides in Oklahoma City, painted the mural as part of the club’s “Paint the Town” project.

Mary Woodruff, the president of the Riparian Women’s Club, said the memorial was in desperate need of gardening and cleaning. She said she spoke to members of the Bread of Life Seventh-Day Adventist Church, which sits behind the memorial on E. Atlantic St., who had kindly replaced the posts the mural stands on. Woodruff said they had spotted some rot at the base of one of the posts and took it upon themselves to fix it, for which Woodruff and the club were very thankful.

Woodruff said it was Burton’s idea to acquire a wreath for the memorial site, and that the Riparian Woman’s Club be involved.

The memorial includes the mural of the American flag, a flower bed, the new wreath and two stones with plaques reading “911” and “2001” representing the two World Trade Center towers.