Dr. Carolyn Carey, left, presents a plaque to Greensville County Sheriff W.T. (Tim) Jarratt as Clarence Nix looks on. In July Nix went missing for nearly six days. The Greensville County Sheriff’s Office and volunteers performed strenuous search in the hottest part of the summer. Nix was found and returned home safely.

Reverend Dr. Carolyn Carey presented Greensville County Sheriff W.T. (Tim) Jarratt with a plaque at Greater Shiloh Baptist Church for his department’s successful effort to locate Clarence Nix on July 22. Nix had been missing for five days.

Temperatures were blazing near triple-digits in Emporia-Greensville from July 17-22. It made Jarratt and search team personnel fret about the safety of Nix.

The extreme heat not only left search crews drained with exhaustion, but it also allowed doubts of Nix’s well-being to creep in. Nix, 42, had never spent a night away from home before the July 17 disappearance.

The search continued until a resident saw Nix walking by a road shortly before 5 p.m. on July 22. Nix was taken to a local convenience store and picked up by a deputy. Other than appearing tired and dehydrated, Nix was in good shape.

Jarratt was appreciative of the recognition from Carey. He said it was community-effort. The sheriff said people have different opinions and go separate ways, but when an event, such as Nix, happens, it brings a community together.

“When something happens, the good nature comes out in us, and we pull together and work as a team,” Jarratt said. “When we work together — great results.”

Jarratt said it was a five-day effort of staff, community, and prayer that fueled the effort to find Nix.