Ed Bryant, standing, talks about what it means to be a veteran as Guy Beavers, middle, and Willie Armstrong listen.

Accordius Health’s Veterans Day program and party honored veterans at the facility.  

Ed Bryant, an army Vietnam veteran, ran the program. Veterans are the most underpaid 24/7 job. 

“On Veterans Day we remember our men and women who served. We honor them for what they did and the liberty they provided,” Bryant said.

Veterans give Americans so many freedoms. 

“We don’t like wars, but we do what we have to do,” Bryant said. 

Veterans do what is asked of them, whether they want to or not, to protect America. On Veterans Day, Americans honor people who sacrifice. New Century Hospice attended the event and presented certificates to veterans at Accordius Health. Veterans included Guy Beavers, Willie Armstrong, Norman Pegram, Edwin Burton, John Thomas, Laurence Smith, Raymond Perry, Jim Ivy, James Calhoun, Thomas Kelley and Daniel Mason.

Kandy Poarch, director of nursing, honored the veterans. 

“We wanted to do something to honor our veterans that have served their country to make this day special for them so they know how much they’re appreciated,” Poarch said.

Whitney Burke, the activities director, said celebrating Veterans Day is important to Accordius Health. 

“We honor them because if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be able to live life like we do,” Burke said. 

The program and party took place Nov. 11 at 2 p.m. Accordius Health is located at 200 Weaver Ave, Emporia.