To the Editor


I write in regards to the use of the Airport for Naval Practice. SO, NO ONE WANTS IT!

Just as in the days of laying railroads out to the Pacific Coast, people grumbled and complained, “It will kill the natural prairie, wildlife, etc.” By far the worst that happened was it opened up the west for settlers.

Not good for the Indians or the buffalo shot, almost to extinction, by irresponsible men from the trains.

Today, we who attend churches near the railroad tracks are blasted every Sunday. We continue to worship. The Rescue Squad pulls out on a mission. We pray for the persons in need of help and the squadsmens safety.

Additionally, the Fire Department may be called out for a fire, or it may be another horrendous wreck on Rt. 58 or I95 or even on one of our country lanes. I praise God for them and the noise they make! Our police sirens, our 12 noon siren, our storm warnings alert, all are noisy and they all have purpose for our community.

Today, we can praise God that we aren’t having air raids and bombs falling on our country! Who keeps that in check, OUR ARMED FORCES. I say we need to think of these young people who some dark night have to land on an aircraft carrier in the middle of a dark ocean. They can land on my land anytime for what they are doing for us!! We send them off to protect us...can’t we do a little bit for them. They are American men and women with loved ones praying daily for their safe return home. I say we should take our American service people to heart and ask for and expect the very best for them. If this should befall us, say “thank you,” every day. They are making sacrifices for us.

The airport was built during WW II when we were at war and that’s why it is here. We are at war today. Let’s show patriotism to our country by allowing naval practice at our airport for the safety of our United States of America. God Bless America.

Thank you.

Sara S. Burton