To the Editor,


After the fourth installment from Martha Dodd-Slippy of how the president is ruining our country, I patiently waited for some Christian, or Jew, some non-Caucasian, or Caucasian to respond on behalf of the opposing side.

Time has gotten too short to wait any longer. Let me start by saying I am Democrat, but very much pro-God, pro-Israel, pro-Bible, pro-freedom and have no intention of leaving this country.

I am also a veteran who served three years in the military. You mention 9/11 and focus on how poorly President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton did in Benghazi, yet gloss over the fact that President Bush did far less to protect the American people and lost over 3,000 lives here at home in comparison to four lives overseas. Each life is valuable and precious but there is no denying the excellent job the President has done protecting our shores.

Planned Parenthood indeed has been responsible for the loss of life of untold numbers of babies, not just black, but babies of all races, but that does not mean I am going to suddenly look upon the KKK as some upstanding civic organization. They both are the means to murder babies, but the real responsibility lies with the women who go into Planned Parenthood and willingly submit to these procedures. God does not force anyone to obey him, nor does Planned Parenthood force anyone to come in to them. That is what makes this country so great, freedom of choice and speech.

President Obama is now in the midst of a crisis not seen in this country in a long time, and is very much showing the leadership, the bipartisanship, and the wisdom that we saw in him when we voted for him in 2008. He is not playing golf, or riding horses as was President Bush when hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in 2005.

Lastly I will vote for President Obama because of the things I have heard and seen during this campaign season. I watched every Republican debate, and all three Presidential debates and I have seen President Obama remain steady and resolute in pursuing the policies and promises he made four years ago. Were it not for a Congress that obstructed any and all policies the President set forth, you would have seen America recover much sooner than it has.

Make no mistake we are on the road to recovery. I have also watched and heard Mitt Romney change position and directions far too many times to believe that he stands for anything other than the top two percent. I am in the 47% he disdains yet I have worked for almost 30 years to be able to receive benefits due me in my later years.

What destroys this country are people who resort to race-baiting tactics to scare others to vote their way, people who disrespect our elected leaders with name calling and unsubstantiated lies, and people who work tirelessly to get rich at the expense of the rest of the country.

Everyone, please get out and vote one way or the other.

Anthony McGhee