Several months ago my dad called me for some help. My dad and mom live in Emporia, where all our family has lived for generations. My dad said he wanted to bring my mother home from the hospital with help and wanted to make her comfortable. After weeks of being in the hospital with no hope for recovery, I knew the decision was made that mom was coming home.

I am a long distant caregiver, living in Laurel, Maryland. My sister and I take turns on weekends helping with my parents. After researching what was available through the internet I got the information together and put it in front of my father. Basically I said, “Let's take away the worry and let the hospice folks at Crater Community Hospice help us.” My sister needed convincing that this was what we wanted. Fortunately Crater Community Hospice came right over and explained everything they would do for us.

For weeks Crater Community Hospice gave us support. Nurses came in every few days to evaluate her needs and explain what was going on with my mom. We became close to the social worker and their minister who also visited. Nurses maintained communication with the doctors and were available for us around the clock. She never had to go back to the hospital and throughout it all Dad was always there with the help he needed to take care of my mom. She was comfortable and she died peacefully at home with my dad, my sister and me by her side.

Anthony P. Jones

Baltimore, Md.