To the Editor


We saw a sad day this last week with our president coming out in favor of same sex marriage. This has been hailed as some great event and a civil right victory. In reality it is nothing of the sort.

First of all who among us doubted that this president was not in favor of same sex marriage to start with? He has shown no evidence that he opposed it. He has refused to enforce the law of the land in the Defensive Marriage Act, he has seen to the removal of Don’t ask Don’t tell. He, in my opinion, has had this in his core thoughts all along. He just refused to say it in fear that it might cost him.  His excuse is that he was “evolving’’ on the issue.

Once again we see that he is a man that has not one ounce of leadership about him. He is a weak example of a president and poor example of a leader. How convenient to now come out in favor, just in time for a big Hollywood fundraiser. Unlike former President Kennedy, Mr. Obama asks, “What can my country do for me?” 

Secondly, this is a bad move for our nation. I am going to say here what most people are fearful to say. I watched in disbelief as Tony Perkins refused to state what is the truth. Homosexually is sin. Now, I guess I risk being called a homophobe, and being considered one that is bringing division and not unity. However, there are, in this life, things that are right and things that are wrong. There are absolutes.

I have no hate here in my heart for the homosexual. I have no desire to see him or her harmed in any way whatsoever. However my feelings for a person will not change the right and wrong of a behavior. I heard the answer that was given to the question, “What if your child were gay?’’

The preacher said that his children would not choose that lifestyle because of their upbringing. We all know that isn’t true. Would to God that we could direct the behavior of our children.

Well, please allow me to answer that. I would love them. I would care for them. I would pray for them. However, I can not change the right and wrong of the issue.

See, here is the trouble. This is not a question of feelings. This is a question of right and wrong. We may choose to do wrong but as a nation we should not make wrong legal. This is not a personal attack this is a defense of truth!

Thirdly, this is a move that is going to bring the judgment of God on this nation. I agree with Mr. Graham, when he said that the president was shaking his fist in the face of God. The Almighty, and He is the almighty, has forbidden this and we are in trouble when we violate His command. No nation or group of people in the history of the world has gone down this path and not faced God’s wrath, and we are not going to be the first.  We already have accepted this along with the murder of millions of unborn children. God is not going to turn a blind eye.

Now there may be them that say, “Well, there is no God, and that is only your opinion.” You have the freedom and the ability to think that way, and to  live according. However, hear this one day we are all going to answer to the one that you refuse to obey. Your refusal to acknowledge God will not lessen His authority one bit. He is God and the Bible is true.

There is hope. The Bible says that if we as a people will turn from our sin and turn to God that He is willing to heal our land and forgive our sin. We are told in the holy scriptures that He is a merciful God, a long suffering God. He sent His son Jesus to die that we might live.  Might we come to the place that we see our need of Him, acknowledge and turn to Him.  My advice, America, Mr. President, run toward God and beg Him for forgiveness.    

Rev. John D. Kinsey