To the Editor, Independent-Messenger;

I am writing to urge the city council to reverse its vote to demolish the three school buildings on Main Street.

Two council members recognize the need for saving the buildings and voted to save. The majority lack foresight, and the community will long regret their decision to destroy what was erected proudly by our forefathers in this most prominent location as a school complex.

A later school board ruined the appearance of the three buiildings by building five classrooms across the front of the elementary and high school buildings.

Those additions can be removed and the three buildings returned to their prior appearance, but it will take time and money.

The country and world are in a recession now, so money is not available to do the right thing.

Tiime is available to wait for the economy to improve and funds to be made available, along with better ideas to utilize all three buildings.

To raze now would be disgraceful and a mark against the entire community. Nothing could be built there to compare with what is still there, waiting for the time and money to renovate and reuse.

Imagine a used car lot, or pharmacy or dollar store, or apartment buildings that will forever announce that something much better was once on this hill beside the Meherrin that the current council was impatient to demolish.

Patience, citizens, and press your leaders to reconsider.

Dick Parker