To the Editor


Have you seen Oprah Winfrey glowing over Obama? Books, CDs and movies you need to expose yourself to, are disclosed. To find out what happened to Oprah, read or listen to the CD The Amateur written by a Democrat, Edward Klein. In that book, you will find how much Michelle hates living in the White House. Obama's wealth is somewhere around $8 Million and he talks about how he can relate to the middle class. I do not believe so. He, apparently, simply wants the power and ability to be known as the President who brought down the United States of America. There are other books and movies he does not wish for you to be introduced. One such movie is 1216 (the second most watched documentary, of all time, shown in the United States). One book not to miss is called Injustice written by Adam Christian, an attorney who worked with the US Attorney General's office for 5 years; and when the documentary comes out The Hope and The Change - written by a very staunch Democrat Pat Caudal and two others, take the time to see it before you vote.

At the Democratic National Convention, the Democrats added same sex marriage to their platform, however, by voice vote they voted, symbolically 3 times, against having God on their platform, as well as against acknowledging that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. However, the speaker overrode the vote and added it to the platform. I wonder if they ever discussed how Obama voted twice in the Illinois Senate that if; a child survived a partial birth abortion, that it was okay for the medical staff to murder that baby? It is confusing to me, for Democrats are pro baby murders via abortion, but pro survival for mass murderers. Are those really your beliefs?

According to Donald Trump and other notables, Obama has spent over $4 Million to block exposure of his passport, as well as his transcripts from the colleges he attended. Classmates of Obama have been on television and stated that his grades at one college were so bad there was no way he could get into Harvard, unless he stated he was from another country. Harvard was trying to increase their out of country students at the time. None of these statements are able to be proven or disproven without his allowing the public to see his transcripts. After he graduated from Harvard, he traveled around the world going to Indonesia and several other countries. Now we are talking about a college student without a job, and he is traveling all over the world. There are too many questions, with no answers. It is still unknown who paid for his educations.

Are you better off today than you were four years ago? Comparing “apples with apples” the Department of Labor figures show that under Obama, there have been 2.7 million jobs created (through July). It is the lowest figure of any president since 1945. Yet, the DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Vice-President Biden and others continue to tell untruths and say Obama has created 4.5 million jobs. Go to and see Debbie Wasserman Schultz talk with CNN's Anderson Cooper. Wasserman-Schultz really has problems telling the truth, and she is the Democratic National Committee Chair! The highest numbers of jobs created since 1945, occurred during Bill Clinton's presidency and that total was 18.7 million, but during the Democratic National Convention VP Biden stated 25 million. Currently there are @25 million Americans unemployed, underemployed or have just given up looking for jobs. During Obama's presidency, unemployment for women has escalated, as well as for blacks and Hispanics. The numbers will just get worse. According to the Congressional Budget Office, and other economists, in 2013 there will be higher unemployment, more foreclosures, more bankruptcies, a worse economy, and more negativity. Are you really for Obama?

Martha Dodd-Slippy

Emporia, Va.