To the Editor,


As I read the many different editorials and news stories about our two candidates running for the presidency of the United States, I feel saddened and disappointed in so many of my fellow American citizens.

It appears there is a population who literally hates President Obama simply because he is black. Their articles show their inner animosity and disrespect for the President.

Even if you do not like the President, respect should be awarded simply because he is our President of these United States. He is the President of all United States citizens. He has earned the respect of nations around the world, and yet too many of our own Americans feel he should never have been our president.

In this election, they would rather vote for a man who refuses to release even five years of tax records, stashes his earnings in off-shore banking accounts to avoid paying taxes, supports persons earning more than $250,000 to pay taxes at a middle class level, wants to dismantle Planned Parenthood, eliminate legal abortions, does not believe women should have equal pay for equal work, wants to remove support for Public Broadcasting, and has always lived a life which has kept him away from average middle class Americans.

He has no idea of what it is to live on an income of $20,000-$60,000. His life of privilege has not allowed him to relate to middle class America.

Yet there is this population across our nation that will disregard all of those factors to vote for Romney.

A vote for Romney will have a negative effect on generations to come.

Do you really hate Obama enough to destroy progress made on women’s rights, national security and economic issues?

It seems to be a case of one cutting off his nose to spite his face.

Anyone who fails to understand and recognize the many ugly faces of racism, which continues to be blatantly practiced in America, is not dealing with reality. I see it every day in our government buildings, fire departments, classrooms, stores, and restaurants. Yet, we know that if given an opportunity blacks can and do contribute to our nation’s growth and wealth.

Just as with Dr. Martin Luther King, it is my dream that one day my children and granddaughter will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by their skills, character and how they treat their fellow man. My husband, Harry Davis and I have worked hard to teach our children these principles and values in spite of what they live with every day.

Lucy Green Davis