To the Editor


First of all, I would like to go on record as stating that some of the opposers to the local Greensville-Emporia Airport being a possible site for the naval training site are friends of mine. What I am about to say is not meant to offend those individuals, nor appear as a personal attack on those individuals. It is my belief that friends can disagree, or have differing opinions, but still remain friends.

Recently, someone brought a petition to my home in Adams Grove. The petition was in opposition to the proposed training site for the two Naval aircrafts. I was reluctant to sign the petition because I have very mixed feelings on the matter.

The neighboring community has not been chosen as the designated site for the training program. It is one of two suggested sites for possible consideration.

I finally agreed to sign the petition, but also noted on the petition a request for a demonstration, or simulation exercise to better enable me to make a decision.

One of the reasons I signed was because many residents of the western end of Southampton County often feel that our end of the county is forgotten or overlooked because we are small in numbers as compared to the eastern end of the county.

I am not sending this article as a “yea” or “nay” to the possible selected training site being in our area. My purpose for writing this article is to give all residents living in our local area some food for thought.

If there is some substance to the proposed training site being in our area then we need to consider our arguments. First, and foremost, I am hearing it is an inconvenience to our community because of the noise. Also, there may be some environmental factors that would not be welcomed by any community.

I wish to only bring a few questions to the minds of those who strongly oppose the thought of this operation coming to our area.

Is it not an inconvenience for our military troops who protect our county 24/7, hour after hour, day after day, month after month, and lastly year after year? How are they affected by the noise they have to constantly endure all hours of the day and night? The bombs, the screams, the cries of fellow soldiers and most especially children who have just witnessed their mothers being slaughtered, or blown to pieces.

Or how about the children whose screeching cries are because their own little bodies have been disassembled, or torn apart by mass explosives? Then suddenly, the cries are no more. I can only imagine there being a sickening silence.

Not to worry, it is highly likely the training site will not be in our area. We will luckily not have to hear the noise of the lawn mower, or vacuum cleaner running for several hours in our living room or bedroom.

Sharon Daniels

Resident of Western Southampton County